Management Philosophy

Creating "comfortable living" is our mission

In an industry where the percentage of small businesses is high, such as those with only a few craftsmen, the company is one of the largest in the region, and its multi-skilled manufacturing staff can meet a variety of needs by utilizing their diverse experience in furniture manufacturing and their extensive knowledge of wood materials.

In addition, the company has been preparing itself to continue to be a
leading presence in the woodworking industry as a whole, by entering new businesses and taking on challenges overseas.

We are not afraid to take on new challenges, both as a company and as individuals, and we will continue to grow day by day, with a focus on our young staff, by providing a "comfortable lifestyle,"
which is the business domain we have set out to pursue.


Greetings from the President

We create our own markets and give birth to businesses there.
We would like to continue to be a strong group that can give shape to "I wish I had. We will continue to make progress toward becoming a strong group that can give shape to "I wish.

We started our company in 2016 to breathe new life into the furniture industry by offering different concepts and sophisticated designs for each product development, sales and store.

Our goal is to become a company that creates its own markets and influences the world based on the ideas and innovations generated by respecting and actively challenging the "interesting" and "nice to have" ideas of each of our employees.

We will continue to open the door to the realization of our dreams! we will continue to be a group where each member continues to open the doors in front of them, enjoy their work to the fullest, and perform to the best of their ability.


Company Profile

Company Name
〒580-0001 1-4-3 Wakabayashi, Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture
contact address
Representative Director Tadanori Minami
Business details
Design, manufacture and sale of custom-made furniture販売
Architectural work interior equipment space productionュース
Overseas business Furniture manufacturing and sales
number of employees
20 people