Authenticity ______

We at WOODBASEF Co., Ltd. pursue and realize our customers' preferences.ております。
For this reason, we value careful hearing and a wide range of proposals.す。

We not only have traditional furniture and highly skilled craftsmen such as shrine carpenters, but also the basis for our ability to offer a wide range of proposals.く、
We have members from companies such as a foreign-affiliated apparel art college graduate who graduated from an event lighting company, so we have an environment where we can provide high-quality designs and ideas that fit into your daily life.ります。
In addition to using carefully selected wood from Japan and overseas that we normally use, we can also propose wood that we do not yet handle to meet customer requests.能です。

We utilize offcuts and waste materials and develop our business in consideration of the environment, including SDGs and sustainability, so our customers can use our products with peace of mind.ます。

Because we own one of the largest factories in the Kansai region, we also manufacture custom-sized furniture that is difficult to manufacture normally.す。
We have a system in place that allows us to deliver high-quality products even with complex designs that utilize the delicate handwork of craftsmen and the latest machinery.。

Please tell us what your true preferences are.。


5 things to focus on

Commitment to furniture

In addition to beauty at first glance, we pursue the lightness and ease of use of furniture, and we pay attention to aspects other than design and size, and propose the optimal furniture for our customers.きます。

Commitment to customer relations

By listening to the customer's lifestyle and making suggestions, we will take into account not only the quality of the furniture, but also the comfort and satisfaction of living.きます。

Commitment as a craftsman

Each piece is carefully and painstakingly created by the design craftsmen who worked with the customer.All parts that are touched by humans are finished with a smooth texture to provide genuine quality.きます。

Commitment to materials

We have carefully selected wood from Japan and overseas, so we can meet a wide range of customer needs.We also reduce the environmental impact by reusing materials.We make furniture using offcuts and resin.おります。

Commitment to technical equipmentり

We are able to deliver accurately and quickly by leveraging our technical capabilities, which combine the advanced skills of our craftsmen with the latest machining equipment.We are also able to propose designs that exceed our customers' imaginations.ます。